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Women in Business

A Pioneer's Retreat

Women in Business - A Pioneer's Retreat

A dynamic ‘WOMEN ONLY SPACE’, crucial for development and future preparation for Senior Executives, Business Owners and Directors

Programme Summary
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Programme Summary

Who is it designed for?
A unique programme designed to empower you to create positive change and help you to envisage a compelling future, one that impacts on the present whilst accelerating you toward the life you’ve dared to dream of.

Our CEO’s Toni Eastwood OBE, MBA and Ivor Twydell came together in partnership to bring this exclusive opportunity for a female-only retreat, a space to explore, connect and ignite your desire to achieve future visions. A new path? A new direction? A new business? This 3-day Visionary WomenRetreat residential programme is set in the beautiful grounds of The Manor, Langport in Somerset.

We’re passionate about supporting women, those who want to refocus and achieve their life ambitions. It’s our job to help you to discover your aspiration, find out what’s stopping you from achieving it and inspire you to make it your reality by redrawing your life map.
We’re dedicated to providing a tranquil, nurturing environment where you’ll be supported by experienced facilitators who will act as guides and thinking partners on your personal, inner journey. Give us three days and you can transform the rest of your life.
We all face times in our lives when we need to step back and take a fresh perspective on where we are. Sometimes that leads to making changes and setting a new direction.
Our Workshop Guides employ the amazing, inspirational, EmpowerMAP©, used effectively for over two decades by 1000’s of organisations and executives around the world, to empower individuals, devise game-changing strategies and make impactful choices about their careers and their lives.

  • Are you at one of these turning points?
  • Are you asking, “What now, what next?”
  • Are you thinking “There’s more to life than this?”

Who Attends
Senior Business Women and Executives, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. This Visionary Women Pioneers Retreat is restricted to 9 delegates and we run just 3 per year.

How it works

During this action-packed intensive retreat, delegates design a breakthrough vision and identify the initiatives that will deliver in both their business and personal lives. Working in a small group with professional facilitators, you’ll benefit from both interaction with other participants and personal coaching from the workshop guides. It’s an opportunity to explore your new life direction in an environment that’s designed to access different parts of you – imagination, intuition, mindfulness and practicality.

If so, we warmly invite you to join us for our next exciting retreat. Visionary Women – The Pioneers Residential Retreat explores what matters to you and how you want to be in the next phase of your life. Our programmes are aimed at helping you identify, navigate and manage impactful change through conscious transition. We’re here to help empower individuals to make powerful, game-changing decisions about their future.

Case Studies


Don’t take our word for it...

“The trust and openness displayed by the facilitators was a great modeling for creating the container of safety, trust and honesty. The desire to learn in the serenity and beauty of the house was infectious. It felt like a truly non-judgmental environment and none of the facilitators fell into the trap of ‘telling’, but created the space for exploring and reflection; our outcomes were our own.”
Catherine Thomson, Managing Partner at The Houston Exchange

“An invaluable life-changing retreat. Experienced, warm, professional, kind, friendly and caring facilitators provided a space and schedule which easily and happily brought out the buried, hidden real me. The three days spent with the team have been the best three days I’ve spent in decades. My colleagues and friends are in awe of the positive professional and personal changes I returned with. I’d like to go back and do it all over again so I can savour every moment.”
Sajida Kosar, General Manager, The Tin Limited

“When I signed up I was in a real mid-life funk, life felt very ‘blurgh’, but since attending the retreat everything feels and is different. I’m different. Over three short and wonderfully intense days my aspirations became crystal clear and I now feel so much more alive and on track. I now feel I work with a clearer sense of purpose and direction, and if I falter I have, in the Empower Map and the work we did on the course, a touchstone that brings me back to centre. It’s wonderful. Do I recommend this workshop? Absolutely!”
Carol Hughes, Published Writer & Author

Your Retreat Guides

ivortwydellIvor Twydell PCC, ICF is an executive coach, workshop facilitator and professionally qualified Mindfulness teacher who specialises in conscious leadership. With over 20 years in senior positions in the UK police service, Ivor has extensive experience of helping awaken the innate resources in people so they can successfully handle challenging situations.

Visionary women retreat Guides - Diana BlanchardDiana Blanchard is a coach, facilitator and practitioner of ‘Voice Dialogue’ the EmpowerMAP© and in ‘Theory U’ process work. Diana is also certified as a Reiki practitioner. Previously, Diana was the MD and Founder of a successful international interior design studio. Diana creates a welcoming, warm and safe space that supports clients as they undertake personal exploration of their lives.

Visionary women retreat Guides - Pauline Stewart JPPauline Stewart JP is an experienced training programme writer, facilitator, keynote speaker, mentor and coach. One of the UK’s strongest and most vocal advocates for the advancement of women. Pauline is the author and facilitator of the highly-acclaimed Walking with Wolves ® and Women in Leadership – In a Different Voice ® programmes, both of which have received widespread praise from delegates.

So Why Wait?
For more information or to book your place call our friendly folk on +44 (0) 1904 652157


Course Dates


  • Retreat dates: TBC
  • Timings: Friday 10.00 am to Sunday 5:00 pm


How to Book

Programme Costs: £4995.00 inclusive VAT (includes Programme Materials, Accommodation and Food)

Want To Come The Day Before?

Start Friday fresh and as you mean to go on – you’re welcome to arrive Thursday evening, check into your room and join us for a light supper, an additional cost of just £95.00 + VAT.

Want More?

To support your ongoing journey, we’re delighted to introduce


Following your 3-day residential experience (Phase 1) you’ll be buzzing to start your journey and preparing to implement your personal EmpowerMap©, however, we know from experience how hard it can be to make life-changing steps on your own.

So, Let Us Help You!

We know that having a coach or peer group to support you means you’re more likely to succeed and exceed your vision, goals and aspirations.

The good news is that ALL our research evidences that the most successful people in life are mentored, coached and guided. That’s why we’ve blended together our great team of expert coaches for a mix of:

  • 1-2-1 acceleration coaching
  • Regular webinars and online support materials into an enhanced support package

Your choice:

Buy-in monthly @ £500 + VAT per month
or a 6-month additional package @ £2495.00 + VAT