Beyond 2030

The Awakening - 6 Secrets to Success

Designed specifically to inspire women who have a desire to sparkle, realise their true potential, fulfil their dreams and awaken their greatness.

The Awakening – personal development for women

In Beyond 2030 we are passionate about supporting women in business, those who want to refocus and achieve their life ambitions. It’s our job to help you to uncover your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), find out what’s stopping you from achieving it and inspire you to make it your reality by redrawing your life map.

Programme Summary
Case Studies
Programme Summary

Who is it designed for?
This unique programme is aimed at women who are ready to grab the bull by the horns, who want to redraw their life map and initiate change.

What results can I expect?
By exploring new ways of working together we will map out your journey and create a blueprint supporting your continued desire for a successful and sustainable business or a personal goal. The Awakening offers a unique opportunity to attend a focused programme at our venue in a beautiful charmingly restored and converted ‘Coach House’ in a rural setting on the edge of York.

With only a limited number of delegates attending per programme, you’ll immediately have access to a peer community of like-minded women as well as our highly experienced team. Our programme will offer you time away from your everyday life, time to reflect, relax and review.

It will give you time to think about the bigger picture without the distractions and details of the day-to-day. The programme also includes 1-2-1 personal coaching.

  • uncover your BHAG
  • map out your journey
  • create a blueprint
  • support your goals
  • blended learning,
  • face to face workshops,
  • 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring throughout,
  • online content to maximise YOUR potential

How does the programme work?
The programme is 6 days over 5 months and offers you time away from your everyday life in a beautiful, tranquil place, giving you time to reflect, relax and review without the distractions and details of the day-to-day. BUT they’re not just programmes in a beautiful location they are designed to transform and accelerate change.


This Is Your Vision, Your Future, So Stop Dreaming And Let Us Help You Do Something About It. By Exploring New Ways Of Working Together We Will Map Out Your Journey And Create A Blueprint Through Our ASPIRE Model©, Supporting Your Continued Desire For A Successful And Sustainable Business Or To Reach A Personal Goal. ‘Visionary Women 6 Secrets To Success©’ Offers A Unique Opportunity To Attend A Three Month, Intensive And Focused Programme At Our Beautiful Venue On The Edge Of York.

The ASPIRE model is a framework/strategy mapped across 6 key areas (6 Secrets To Success©) to implement a solid foundation and build a road towards your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), Vision or Aspiration.

ASPIRE Model consists of 3 Phases.  Phase 1 = Purpose + Identity, Phase 2 = Attitude + Structure, Phase 3 = Responsibility + Execution.

The model has been designed for both personal and professional goal achievements.

Discover the power within you and deep dive and explore what excellence looks like for both you and your business.


Our 3 Sessions over a 3-Month Acceleration Coaching Period Gives You The Ultimate In Individual Coaching And Goes Hand In Hand With Visionary Women 6 Secrets To Success©. Through The 3 Months Following 6 Secrets You’ll Be Stretched And Challenged By One Of Our Coaches To Optimise Your Potential And Achieve Step Change Towards Your BHAG.


We’re Are Passionate About Supporting Women In Business, Those Who Want To Refocus And Achieve Their Life Ambitions, So Before Any Programme You’ll Undertake A Pre-Programme Coaching Call To Understand Where You’re At And What You’re Wanting To Achieve. We Do This To Ensure You to Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Programme.

On this 5 month programme you get:

1. Visionary Women The Awakening Programme – 2 month programme
2. Acceleration coaching – 3 month follow on programme
3. Pre-programme Coaching Call

For more information and to reserve your place
Please call our fabulous team on: 0330 223 0379 Or email us on 

Case Studies

“The programme has been really useful in giving me confidence and renewing my determination as well as gaining clarity and prioritising activities at work and at home to achieve my goals. I have already implemented many of the changes needed to move our business forward including accelerating my original five-year plan. I feel a much stronger person for taking part in The Awakening Programme.”

Tarnia Hudson, Hudson Moody, estate agents, York


Programme Dates:

Programme 11:
• Day 1 – Wednesday 8th August 2018
• Day 2 – Thursday 9th August 2018
• Day 3 – Wednesday 5th September 2018

Programme 12:
• Day 1 – Thursday 6th September 2018
• Day 2 – Friday 7th September 2018
• Day 3 – Thursday 4th October 2018

Programme 13:
• Day 1 – Monday 5th November 2018
• Day 2 – Tuesday 6th November 2018
• Day 3 – Monday 10th December 2018


What You Get:

1. Visionary Women The Awakening Programme – 2 month programme
2. Acceleration coaching – 3 month follow on programme
3. Pre-programme Coaching Call - We want to understand you before you start

How to Book:

Its really simple to book your place! Just call our friendly team on 0330 223 0379 or email


Programme costs: £2995.00 + VAT per delegate.

Payment plans are available for both business and personal, to suit your development needs. Our aim is to help a million people so please get in touch if you have any questions.