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Visionary Women: What Our Delegates Say….

Freelance marketing consultant, Faye Levi, Thirsk, who attended the Visionary Women 2016/2017 programme.

Faye started her businesses in January 2017 after deciding being freelance would provide the best balance between her professional and family commitments following maternity leave.

Now Faye Levi Marketing supports organisations throughout the UK which make a positive difference to their communities such as charities, voluntary groups, arts venues and education providers.

Faye attended Beyond 2030’s Visionary Women programme because she was seeking guidance to help her to grow her business.

She says:

“I found that Visionary Women explored my personal goals more than I was expecting and the programme exceeded my expectations in terms of identifying my strengths, establishing my values and being aware of my limitations and how to overcome them to reach where I want to be.

By the end of the programme I had also learnt that vision isn’t just key to meeting your business goals, it also makes you happier.”

One of the main benefits of Visionary Women for Faye was facilitator, Pauline Stewart. “I had never been involved with someone like her before. Her personal warmth, openness and friendliness were disarming and this helped the group to discuss very personal information,”  she says.

In her own blog about Visionary Women, Faye says: “The programme took our little group on quite the emotional rollercoaster. Down into our past to resurface hard times we’ve overcome, up into our hearts and heads to discover our values and strengths, and round all the important people in our lives who affect, and are affected, by the personal and professional decisions we make…./more…

“There were tears, biscuits and lots of walks in the venue grounds. What emerged from the experience, thanks in huge part to the phenomenal facilitation by Pauline Stewart, were clear ‘blue prints’ for our real aspirations. What we wanted to achieve, by when, and what we’d need to do between now and then to make it happen. I was shocked by my own ambition and resourcefulness that I uncovered – I hadn’t realised my own goals.”

Faye believes that the programme was far more valuable than trying to work through these issues on your own. “The problem with asking people closest to you about what you should do is that it usually leads them to tell you what they think you want to hear and you never learn anything new.

“One of the many benefits of Visionary Women is that you are with people who you have not met before but who are in the same boat so they give you a fresh perspective and new ideas.”

Faye also praised the Beyond 2030 headquarters in Fulford, York, where, during the programme, the group has communal lunches before having time to wander around the grounds.

She says:

“The programme becomes a personal and emotional experience. The grounds were big enough to allow us space to ourselves. Their atmosphere is quite rustic and welcoming: a warm cosy environment, which reflects the programme by making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I would certainly attend another programme facilitated by Pauline and would recommend Visionary Women to others.”

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