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Visionary Women: What Our Delegates Say….

Lisa 1 

By laser therapist, Lisa Dryden of Goole, who attended the Visionary Women 2016/2017 programme.

“As I’m self-employed, running a laser clinic providing hair and tattoo removal, and skin rejuvenation, and am also a single parent, I wanted to attend the Visionary Women programme to meet other business women to find out what they find challenging within their working lives.

“When you are self-employed you don’t have colleagues and have to be self-reliant. I would never discuss business needs with friends so Visionary Women seemed an ideal way to do this.

“To be honest, I didn’t really feel that I needed any help! However, having attended the Visionary Women programme, I now realise that this is a negative approach.Opening up my mind through attending the programme and speaking about my vision and aspirations has created many newopportunities.

“The programme helped me realise that new opportunities are around us every day and we need to take advantage of them, even if they don’t always work at the start. I learnt that this is my life and my personal journey and that you have to be persistent and true to yourself to make anything work.

“Also, although I have a lot of drive and ambition to make my business successful, I’ve always been adamant that my quality time with my daughter would not be affected by work. I wanted use Visionary Women to gain the right work-lifebalance and it has helped me to do this.

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“Generally, I tend to keep my personal aspirations to myself as so many people are not open minded and I’ve had negative responses when trying to discuss this in the past. One great thing about Visionary Women is that it is open and supportive. It is very empowering to speak honestly and openly in a non- judgmental atmosphere and I gained a great deal just from this aspect.

“I’m very happy that I attended the programme. My business has grown in the  the six months since I  started because it gave me greater clarity and helped me follow my goals with more passion and self belief.

“I learnt what seems obvious, but what it is so easy to lose sight of in our busy working lives: being happy and true to yourself creates and attracts positive energies and these bring opportunities which may otherwise be repelled.

“In a word, the Visionary Women programme was fantastic. The programme was open and stimulating, thanks to Toni and her team. There was also a pooling of useful knowledge and a great, friendly, supportive atmosphere which you could feel every time you walked through the door.”


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