Anti-Terrorism workshop… Is your business prepared?
“It is important that businesses reassure their staff to ensure they are alert, but not alarmed. This is the right moment for businesses to review their security plans to ensure that the measures they should already have in place, are still current and have been tested to ensure staff are prepared and confident. National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)”
Act Now! 
Increasing Public and Staff Awareness On How Best To Reduce And Respond To The Most Likely Types Of Terrorist Activities. Protect Yourself, Your Staff, Your Business and Your Community, By Being Aware and Prepared.

Beyond 2030 Are Delighted To Be Working In Partnership With our COUNTER TERRORISM EXPERTS To Deliver This Campaign And Series Of Events To Help Inform and Engage Business So That We Can ALL Be Aware And Prepared.
If YOU Are In Any Of The Following Sectors You NEED To Take Action!
  • Major Events, Hospitality, Bars and Clubs
  • Public Sector, Schools, Colleges, Nursery's, Care, Hospitals
  • Travel, Rail, Air, Transport
  • Banks, Shops, Commercial Centres, Charities
  • Museums, Cinema, Theatre, Stadiums
  • Any business which serves the public or community
The aim of Project Griffin is to:
  • Help Understand The Threat From Terrorism To The UK
  • Guide Individuals On What To Do If They Find Themselves Involved In A Terrorist Incident Or Events That Lead Up To A Planned Attack
  • Enable People To Recognise And Report Suspicious Activity
Project Griffin holds briefing events to increase public and staff awareness of how best to reduce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities. The events are presented by trained police advisors delivering a range of CT awareness modules.
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This Executive Briefing is bought to you in partnership with Beyond 2030
Toni C. Eastwood OBE, MBA - Founder and CEO of Beyond 2030 LTD
Beyond 2030 are the UK's leading company in Talent, Strategy and Trends and we're delighted to be bringing to you this exclusive Executive Briefing. We're passionate about helping business achieve their long terms goals and your business development needs.
Meet Our Organisational Resilience Experts...
Paul Basson and Peter Joyce are NaCTSO, Project Griffin are Specialist Officers trained to increase public and staff awareness on how best to produce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities.
Paul Basson
With a proven track record and experience from working with Global Organisations and Government bodies concerning practical implementation of Health, Safety, Fire Safety and Resilience Strategies, methodologies and audit methods.
Paul is an expert in Health Safety and Fire, Project Risk Management. 

Peter Joyce
With over 20 years’ experience helping organisations to Accelerate Resilience Through People, Process & Technology
Peter is an expert in Global Business Continuity Management, Risk Mitigation, Security, and Organisational Resilience.

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