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Talent Acquisition & Action Towards Inclusion



talent acquisition

Beyond 2030 was initially formed to address barriers and issues related to worklessness, particularly attracting diverse groups and, those furthest from the market through unique interventions that engage, raise confidence, self-belief, improve motivation and, most importantly, lead to economic activity, changed lives and improved social mobility.

Action Towards Inclusion

Are you feeling low in confidence, anxious or isolated and not sure how to make changes in your life?

We can support you step by step to make positive changes, improve your skills and be more confident. You will receive long-term, one-to-one mentoring and support from a keyworker that enables you to overcome barriers, improve your wellbeing and move you closer to education, training, job-searching and employment. Your mentor can also support you to access the services you need to resolve health, finance and skills issues.

You’re eligible for Action Towards Inclusion if:

You’re over 18 and You’ve been unemployed and have an additional barrier such as health, basic skills or financial problems or You’re “economically inactive” and receiving ESA, Income Support, Pension Credit or not claiming any type of benefit and not working.

You’re not eligible if you’re working, including 0 hour contracts.

What can I expect?

You’ll have a keyworker, who will work with you on a one-to-one basis to support you.You’ll be involved in other activities, chosen specifically for you, which will help you to overcome your barriers and move closer to training, education, and employment. These could include English, maths and ICT skills as well as other fun activities.

You’ll also have the opportunity to access help from other places, which could include:
Help to access community support and services
Debt advice
Crisis resolution
Digital skills
Health, therapy, counselling and well-being activities
Vocational training, volunteering and work experience

These activities are being delivered as part of the Action Towards Inclusion project, part of the national Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme. This project is being funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund (ESF).


How we help you

We work to help organisations, communities and individuals with innovative, tailored solutions to address the barriers and issues related to worklessness, particularly attracting and retaining diverse groups and those furthest from the market through unique interventions that engage, raise confidence, imporving talent acquisition, self-belief, improve motivation and, most importantly, lead to positive change.


Our Programmes

Our talent acquisition programme is designed around the needs of employers, working closely to ensure we engage priority target groups and our delegates are job ready and able to progress into sustainable employment. Over the last 3 years, our experienced team have delivered £1.2m of public sector funded programmes (ESF, SFA, LRF, FFFUI, SSFWF, ESA, FSF) engaging with over 1,500 ‘furthest from the labour market’ individuals to help them secure employment. Target groups supported include: Young people, Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs), problem families, 50+ Women, Lone Parents, Ex-Offenders, Immigrants, Ethnic and Cultural Groups and people facing multiple disadvantages.


For more information and to reserve your place please call our fabulous team on: 0330 223 0379 or  email: [email protected]

Why Choose Us

I wanted a better financial quality of life and to stop plodding along, parts of success can be measured by fast cars and assets! I knew a woman like Toni Eastwood wouldn’t put her name to an average programme. I found the Visionary Women’s Programme different and much better to any training programme I have previously done. I really enjoyed the peer support of the other business women in my group.

Keely McBride, Founder, Face Perfect Clinic, Leeds

I didn’t think I needed it but boy Beyond 2030 proved me wrong! The Visionary Women’s Programme created clarity and the reassurance that what I am doing is the right journey. The programme gave me the confidence I needed and showed me the importance to take every opportunity that comes.

Lisa Dryden, Owner, Erase, Goole

The programme has been really useful in giving me confidence and renewing my determination as well as gaining clarity and prioritising activities at work and at home to achieve my goals.
I have already implemented many of the changes needed to move our business forward including accelerating my original five-year plan. I feel a much stronger person for taking part in Visionary Women.

Tarnia Hudson, Director, Hudson Moody, York

I wanted to thank you for the Spearhead Training initiative you have helped us with, delivered by Pauline Stewart.

The team have really enjoyed the sessions. Each person has shown that they have absorbed the training and feel valued. From a business perspective, we now have some tangible tools to use in the business. I am confident that this will help us improve, innovate and tackle problems quickly and effectively. Do please pass on my thanks to Pauline. She really did take time out to understand our needs, and then delivered the training in a bespoke way, that exactly matched the brief.

I would definitely recommend Beyond 2030 to anyone considering training for their organisation.”

Chris Wilson

Beyond 2030 were extremely helpful in pushing me to formalise many of my existing processes, forcing me to address areas of my business that I had been ignoring and improving my personal mind-set in relation to my own business persona. The time taken away from my work to attend the course and complete the folder was indeed time well spent; I feel that it has actually improved my efficiency quite significantly.

Claire Davies, The History Girls York

I had the privilege of being invited to meet the ‘Beyond 2030’ group and to talk to the ladies about career’s with Sainsbury’s. I shared our Company Values and Vision to give some context around our business strategy. I then went on to talk more specifically around what it’s like to work for Sainsbury’s, how we want our colleagues to feel that it is a great place to work and the sorts of things we do to enable this. Finally, I outlined our recruitment process and what we are looking for in colleagues who are looking to join us. The group had a range of both personal and professional experiences, which they freely and confidently shared, and I was impressed at their candid yet professional approach to the discussions. What was particularly refreshing was their real desire to learn and develop so they could move on to the next stage of their career journey. Beyond 2030 is a great initiative and the development opportunity given through Karen and her team, as well as the mutual support they are getting from each other, should give everyone the confidence to move forward, go for a job which best suits their skill set and be the best they can be in their chosen career path.

Jennifer Marlow, Sainsbury’s, HR Business Partner

I had the pleasure of meeting a group of ladies last Tuesday who had been through the Beyond 2030 programme. I took them through how we recruit, what our process looks like and what we would be looking for as a business. These ladies are customers of Greggs, and understood really well what we are looking for. They asked some great questions about the business, some challenging ones at times, but it showed me the depth of their ability to understand that it’s more than ‘just bread and cakes’. I made the comment at the end that none of the ladies would have any difficulties with an interview, as I they all came across as keen, interested, enthusiastic and confident. They said that the programme had helped them with these areas, as they lacked confidence at the start. They recapped what they had done from the programmes, some of which are points from leadership programmes that I have seen delivered to senior managers, and they really understood how this fitted with their aim of getting a job. I was delighted to help and see this as a great programme which has really added value to the participants.

Karen Walker, Greggs Family Bakery, HR Business Partner