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Stress Awareness and Management

Stress Awareness and Management

Duration: Est 8 hours study

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Course Information

Use our online course to learn about stress, its causes and how to manage it.


This course gives the learner an excellent understanding of what we mean by stress and the typical causes of stress. It goes on to increase the learner’s awareness of the signs of stress and to develop strategies to manage it.


Chapter 1
The chapter opens with an introduction to the scope and format of the course. It then jumps straight into the main content by exploring what is meant by stress.

Chapter 2
This chapter covers sections two and three of the course and explores how stress can be spotted, what kind of things set it off, and what tends to cause stress.

Chapter 3
This chapter looks at the way in which stress can become a cycle of negativity that can be very difficult to break and how ongoing and increasing stress can turn into “distress”.

Chapter 4
In this chapter, we discuss the difference between positive and negative stress and suggest a more positive approach to dealing with issues that could lead to distress.

Chapter 5
This chapter looks at how employees can assess and minimise their exposure to stress in the workplace and then changes its focus towards employers and what they can do to reduce stress levels for their employees.

Chapter 6
In the final chapter of this course, we discuss control measures that can be put in place to make us more resilient to stress. We finish the chapter, and indeed the course, by suggesting coping strategies for the workplace and life in general.


Digital Certificate
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£18.25 +VAT


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