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Level 2 Food Hygiene And Safety

Level 2 Food Hygiene And Safety

Duration: 1 1/4hrs

Retake Policy: Unlimited

£18.25 +VAT

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Course Information

Ofqual approved online learning for those working in catering and food preparation.


Our Food Hygiene Level 2 course covers food hygiene, food hazards, food poisoning, how food becomes unsafe, personal hygiene, awareness of contamination, time and temperature factors, proper cleaning and sanitizing, premises and equipment and food handling responsibilities. This is the food hygiene level 2 course, which is perfect for anyone prepared or handling food.


Our food hygiene level 2 course is a natural next stage from the digital college course, “An Introduction to Basic Food Hygiene”.

Chapter 1: What is food hygiene?
An introduction to the level 2 food hygiene course content and format, followed directly by the first section of the course discussing “what is food hygiene?”

Chapter 2: Food Hazards and Food Poisoning
This chapter covers Section 2 Food Hazards and Section 3 Food Poisoning

Chapter 3: How food becomes unsafe
“How food becomes unsafe” is Section Four of this course. Because it is such a large and important section, it is split into sub-sections. This chapter covers an introduction to the subject and then goes on to cover sub-section 4a, Personal Hygiene

Chapter 4: Food contamination
This chapter hosts sub-sections 4b and 4c, covering food contamination, in its various forms, and how time and temperature play a crucial role in food safety.

Chapter 5: Cleaning and sanitizing
This chapter concludes Section Four by covering how cleaning and sanitizing should be paramount within the food preparation area, and then goes on to discuss premises and equipment.

Chapter 6: Responsibilities
This is the final Chapter of this course and it covers Section Five, Food Handling Responsibilities.

End: Download your certificate
You will then be able to download and print a your food hygiene level 2 certificate, giving you instant Ofqual approved status!


Digital Certificate
Endorsed by Highfield Qualifications
£18.25 +VAT


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