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First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work

Duration: Est 8 hours study

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Course Information

Online learning to explain the different aspects, requirements and expectations for First Aid in the workplace.


This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to the legal obligations of employers and employees with regard to first aid provision in the workplace. It also explains what first aid is all about, highlights the role of the first aider and goes on to describe how to deal with minor injuries.


Chapter 1: Aim and purpose of First Aid
The chapter begins by setting out the scope, content and purpose of the course and then goes on to detail the legislation behind first aid provision in the workplace, defines what first aid is all about and describes the aim and purpose of first aid.

Chapter 2: Expectations of a First Aider
This chapter highlights what is expected of a first aider in the workplace, including the attributes expected of a first aider.

Chapter 3: Equipment; Infection.
In this chapter, we explain what first aid equipment should be available in an average workplace and then go on to examine how infection can occur and how to minimise the risk of infection for the first aider, the casualty and others.

Chapter 4: Getting help
This chapter explores how to get help in a first aid situation. This includes help from passers-by, work colleagues, etc., as well as from health professionals and the emergency services.

Chapter 5: Treatment of minor injuries
In this final chapter, we cover the treatment of minor injuries. These are by far the most common type of injuries that a first aider will be presented with in the workplace.


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£18.25 +VAT


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