Beyond 2030

Leadership & Management Talent & Skills Case Studies

Groundwork Leeds, Hull & North Yorkshire

Groundwork Leeds, Hull and North Yorkshire are a charity that are passionate about changing places and changing lives. Their aim is to assist in making everywhere vibrant and green, where every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny.  The trust were undergoing a massive structural change, recently combining three separate trusts into one.  We undertook a comprehensive all staff audit, highlighting areas where there were development needs but also where they were areas of excellence across the large geographical patch.  A programme was then developed which combined one to one support, senior management consultations, facilitated change management meetings and leadership and management skills training, financial awareness and management as well as project management.  The intervention was to support them in future proofing their business, but with a specific focus on bringing their staff with them on the journey.
Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce is an organisation facing an uncertain future, they have watched as their counterparts in neighbouring areas have merged, suffered greatly in the economic downturn and been heavily hit in the decline in government funding.  After undertaking a company audit we developed a bespoke high level leadership programme, with the aim of
bringing together a stronger more cohesive and flexible senior management team who could attempt to steer the organisation through the turbulent times ahead.   We also delivered a bespoke programme of support to the other members of staff looking at increasing sales, maintaining and increasing membership, lifting customer service levels and developing a unique offer for
their existing and potential new members.   We were also asked to facilitate and support the development of a new staff appraisal process.

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