Beyond 2030

Business Owners/Directors Case Studies

Offering tailored solutions that fuel entrepreneurship, business start-up, development and growth. From large companies and recognised brands to small, local organisations delivering niche and high end services and entrepreneurs starting and developing fledgling businesses our team have years of combined experience developing and delivering bespoke and customised training solutions to help organisations realise the latent potential and identify the untapped talent in their business.

As a specialist talent and skills organisation we’ve worked with employers across the country. Developing vision and values, engaging employees through service excellence to developing senior leaders and their future talent pipeline.

From entrepreneurs starting new ventures, new and young entrants to team leaders and senior managers, driving service excellence to developing current and future leaders,  our expert team design and deliver tailored solutions to meet business needs.

We create challenging and stretching programmes to help individuals develop their ideas and plans to start their new business, help organisations revitalise their brands, revisit their vision and values and super charge their service proposition.

We help to enhance engagement of teams and colleagues and drive new levels of performance from business managers and leaders with new and vibrant programmes to help businesses stand out from the crowd.

Filmore and Union

Filmore and Union Working with the founders of this young, vibrant and fast growing brand we designed a multi-level leadership development programme providing the foundations for their ambitious growth plans. From developing senior leaders at their new HQ to developing the talent pipeline of the future and engaging the fast growing frontline workforce by sharing the companies vision and values, our programmes are making a real impact in helping the founders to focus their time on growing the business.

Aesthetic Response

Aesthetic Response offer a unique service to cosmetic surgeons and other medical professionals by providing patients with exceptional personal service, acting as patient advisors for their clients inside and outside of normal practice hours.  Again a family run business looking to grow their customer base and increase productivity and turnover. We were recommended to this company by another one of our clients who were so impressed by our offer and the impact of our programmes on their business.   Our first intervention took place with the owners and senior management team, from which we developed a bespoke package of support, which after successful completion resulted in them engaging in our Customer Service Apprenticeship scheme involving the majority of their staff.

Choc affair

Choc affair is a small, relatively new family run business, specialising in high quality chocolate products, they are very focused on not only offering a high quality product but also ensuing that the business is ethical in its working practices.  They have strong links with a number charities in Uganda and also support the cocoa farmers.  Since engaging in our development programmes, which involved all members of staff from the Senior Management Team to the production staff, their business has grown exponentially both locally and nationally.  Our programme focused on leadership and management, cutting edge psychometric testing was used and also incorporated bespoke workshops addressing the needs of individual teams, areas covered included self-esteem, assertiveness and raising confidence

Grays Court

Grays Court is a family owed boutique hotel and historic heritage property in the exclusive Minster Quarter in York City Centre, Beyond 2030 has facilitated a Leadership programme with the owner and senior management team and individuals who had been highlighted for talent development.  The outcome of the programme resulted in a company restructure both of their staff and their resources.  Since completing the senior management development, the majority of their staff are now engaged in our apprenticeships spanning a number of occupational areas for example Team Leadership, ILM Diploma in management and Customer Service.

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